November 25, 2009 3:40 PmByRobert PrestonInMorocco

by BobP

We were in Marrakech last week for the PURE Life Experiences show.  It was a blast!

I absolutely love Morocco.  I lived and worked there as a management consultant off and on for two years in the late 90s – early 00s.  It’s a complex country with a rich history, great food and pastries (but watch your weight), essences from heaven, ever improving wines, impressive medieval medinas and souks, great music (especially from the gnaoua) amazing design, saharan sands, a progressive King and a lot of horribly corrupt police who harass the population endlessly (especially around Marrakech).

Ouidad and Dario danced to great raï music like Rachid Taha.  

Dario played with snakes and Ouidad and I ran the other way (morbid fear of anything reptilian here).. We haggled in the souks and loved the spices.

Dario rode a camel.

We tried more shoes on than Imeda Marcos has in her closet…

Dario and I visited the beautiful Majorelle gardens and paid homage to Yves Saint Laurent, who left us in 2008.

We met a blue man who tried to sell us overpriced rugs and served us mint tea that proved to be about as lethal as anything Montezuma inflicted on our forebears…

We loved Aït Ben Haddou – a UNESCO world heritage site where Lawrence of Arabia, Jewel of the Nile and Gladiator were filmed and then pretended we were slaves at the Atlas Studios

It was fun – we had a good time.

Visit Morocco – once in your life!  It is magical!


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