By DarioVDL

Somewhere over the rainbow…”

Ms Julie Suzanne Chen – American television personality -CBS Early Show, Bob Preston – Owner Globe Bleu and Dario van der Lündin

A private dinner on the Great Wall of China (Privatize and illuminated for us) Unforgettable

Today is
your lucky day! Everything will change just smile,

Monsieur Le Marquis Henri-François de Breteuil

things are
changing for the better.

Marie Antoinette visited Baron de Breteuil and gave a portrait of The “Dauphin” as a symbol of friendship.

Travel and
discover new cultures!

Château de Breteuil with Christmas decorations.

“ …the dreams that you dream of will come true…”

White magical deer at the enchanted Château de Breteuil a few days ago.

Travel has
changed my life, let it change yours!

Dario van der Lündin

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