by BobP

We had a fun outing to Pescadero – about an hour South of San Francisco on Route 1.  Pescadero has a lovely beach and fun antique and country general stores.  The bread baked locally stuffed with artichoke hearts, herbs and garlic cloves is to die for.  

While there, we happened on a country fair.  The high-school boys, some of them from the local football team, did a vintage fashion show in drag (honey, we’re not in Kansas anymore) and there were burgers, arts and crafts and minstrels galore. It was a hoot!

After that, we headed on to a goat cheese farm, about a mile out of town, where they had the most amazing spreads with edible flowers.  Yummy.  Dario fed the goats.

Duarte, the local restaurant (very simple décor) has artichoke soup to die for.  People come from miles around.  

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