Dior, Hermes, Chanel, Gaultier – click, click, click. If Fashion is your fancy, boy/girl do we have a treat in store for you!

In Paris, fashion is not only during the collections, but year-round. Your very own fashion coach can help you define your new look, whether for business, a wedding, an anniversary, a formal ball or a reunion.

Imagine a perfume creation workshop with leading experts in an elegant Parisian haute-couture salon. Discover the fascinating history of parfumiers, the fragrance pyramid and identify your olfactory profile. Leading experts can guide you to the your olfactory profile and even help you define your own signature essence.

In what were the private apartments of renowned 18th century royal architect and interior designer Louis Letellier, Paris’ top make-up/skin and hair professionals can help you define a fresh new look. Women can purchase the most exclusive personal makeup kits – in crocodile, leather, precious jewelry or ostrich, with a palette of colors specially designed for them.

Whether your style tends more toward the classics like Chanel and Hermes, or more avant-garde fare like Gaultier and LaCroix, your fashion coach can help guide you and preselect the right combinations.

You’ll be treated to VIP pampering in many fashion boutiques and your coach will help you spot the best deals. Tax refund processing will be expedited (non-EU residents get 13% off most purchases and in many houses) and we can get you additional discounts in a number of houses.

As featured on Australia’s Channel 9 in prime time, private fashion shows can be arranged with in-house models in your hotel suite. Travel in style from one venue to the next in a private limousine. For VIP clients, key boutiques can be privatized and confidential access and meetings with up-and-coming and top designers arranged.

Jewellry and accessories are also favorite fashion themes. Whether it’s Chaumet watches, Cartier jewellry, Baccarat crystal, Louis Vuitton bags, Hermes scarves, ties, bags or saddles or Daum glassware you’re looking for, special access and private viewings can be arranged. Need that hard-to-get Birkin or Kelly bag? We can’t always secure the rare object, but can usually find a solution.

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