It is a dark and rainy night in Paris. Although inside my cozy apartment it is warm and full of candle light in true Swedish Style. The wonderful magic sounds of Chopin vibrate in the air and my wall clock starts to announce boom sk-aka boom boom boom… eight.

A flashback came to me of a show in October last year that Globe Bleu organized together with CBS News, the FIRST and ONLY performance of Phantom of the Opera at the Paris Opera – live between The Opera House Garnier and New York city:

“The Galliano hats, the models, Benedicte’s assistants and myself”

one of the other important parts in CBS News Early Show was a Galliano fashion show organized by Globe Bleu’s fashionista Benedicte. Gallianos creations were fabulous hats! What a remarkable memory!

Suddenly my phone is ringing… our Mercedes S class is arriving to collect all of us, I am getting very excited it is among the most awaited nights of Paris Fashion Week. Together with “Benedicte” from “Globe Bleu“. 

our Celebrities* friends from Brazil and I are ready. We going to discover the fabulous world of “John Galliano”.

One star, “Dita Von Tesse“, arrived discreetly at the show … we are walking now past the photographers who, time after time, are asking us for “a picture please!, a picture please!”

Unexpectedly a group of excited Paparazzi… screamed “PRINCE is here!” and a wave of frenetic photographers run, charge like the bulls at Pamplone, to get the perfect shot. “Prince” – in a radiant red suit – looked relaxed hand-in-hand with Bria Valente.

a few minutes later, the last star arrived and the second race of photographers started …”it is RUSSELL and KATE!”, they shouted …

Bria Valente  Prince  Sidney Toledano  Alexis Roche  Katy Perry  Russell Brand  Leigh Lezark

then, one of the most awaited runaway shows started…

The sounds of soft-tech Argentinean tango rap and naughty pop background music begin. Blue-red lights flash upon us. White balloons fall from the celling and a RED laser sweeps across the runaway as photographers from the world over click away. Here we go… 

As you can see on his site our FASHION night out was UNIQUE and unforgettable… it was the PLACE to be.

Galliano really makes you forget about your problems with Style… THE NEW NAUGHTY LOOK!

We all finished singing “You give me fever”

Do not forget to book the next one in January 2010 because you are worth it!!!

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