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Coordinates:                    48°51′37″N 2°20′15″E / 48.860395°N 2.337599°E

                “This one noted for the brilliant iridescent blue color of
their wings.

                  You may catch it in tropical parts of Central and South

Dreams are easy to catch like blue butterflies, you just need to act and believe…

A dear friend of mine invited me to an extraordinary event. It was a surreal experience…

On this night, a few privileged Parisians might have awake Belphegor, the infamous ghost haunting the Louvre museum when they were invited for a private visit at night of the Louvre.

A dozen high profile Parisians and a ghost from the future (myself) walked through the lonely halls of the  world’s biggest museum.  The place was silent except for footsteps from characters from times past running through the rooms — dressed in XVIII century costumes for the occasion.

Museum guides led us through the Titian-Veronese exhibition, before opening to the public.

Who can resist Mona Lisa’s smile under the moonlight? The Louvre turned magical.

YES! Mona Lisa please never stop smiling…

Everything may be possible if you try with passion creativity and commitment!

If culture lights a smile on your face, then the money will be no object.

Being with Globe Bleu makes you and me believe and dream …

Suggestion: Exhibition of Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese – Venetian Rivalry at The Louvre Museum

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