By: DarioVDL

“It is hard work who makes a master”

Mademoiselle Coco was a rebel and with her inner stranger, commitments and
ideas revolutionized the world and emancipated the woman 1920’s. Chanel believed
in herself. She was different.

Coco Chanel private apartment

I am a little rebel too. At the age of 6, I did not like to be in the
classroom so I did what I could so my teacher – a nun – would kick me out of class for not being good – predictably, for penitence  so  I  would learn.  

Nowadays,  I work very  hard! and look at me  now where  I  am  sitting,  a  sofa  where  Picasso,  Dali  and  other notables sat and  …  enjoyed  Mademoiselle  Coco.

Chanel had a gift!

Chanel’s apartment

At the same time you get to the stage, you start seeing things, you cannot explain…
like symbols, lines, colors,  textiles … when you read things within lines, it is
time to create!

Coco Chanel                                        Audrey  Tautou

Through the astonishing performance of Audrey Tautou and the amazing work of the Director Anne Fontaine in“Coco Before Chanel“, you’ll discover Chanel, a persona that every woman in
the world has deep inside.

As you will see in the film, Mademoiselle Coco was able to read those symbols in the Couture world and put them together to produce a design that people judged in the beginning but then came to terms with. Chanel’s couture was appreciated because
she was gifted!

Tarot  cards,  fan and spectacles of Coco Chanel

Believe in yourself and you will find your way, every girl has it and come into
life in the world of dreams. When you find yourself you will feel alive and all
your fears will disappear.

Mademoiselle Coco said: “one day they will fight to sit on my table”  and so they did. Chanel also expressed: “Luxury is not the opposite of poverty, it is the opposite of vulgarity”

HumbIingly I invite you to discover the magnificent French Couture and especially I would like to thankChanel’s conservatoire and Chanel at Rue Cambon for their unforgettable reception once again.

Something very strange
happened that day after I left Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartment … I passed by the
Ritz remembering her time there and suddenly, like it was
destined by fate, I met Chanel’s designer in person… Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld, a
very elegant and polite man.

Meanwhile I was representing France in a luxury’s conference, I had a Chanel bag with me, a lady approached  smiling and said: “a man with a Chanel bag is a man I can trust”, what nice compliment,  n’est-ce pas ?

I love France, its traditions, patrimony and legacy.  Paris has opened doors
to extraordinary memories through my work at Globe Bleu

Coco created Chanel – a master piece which shall continue to inspire our future

“It is Chanel who invented modern dressing for a women” – Marie-Louise de Clermont Tonnerre

“If a women has the power to touch my soul and lift my spirit with sheer elegance … then this woman is you Coco Chanel”.

“Si une femme a le pouvoir de toucher mon âme et mon esprit de levage avec une pure élégance … alors que la femme est Mademoiselle Coco avant Chanel”.

It is my sincere genuine tribute to all the women!

I wish you all a long and happy life”

Dario van der Lündin

“如果一個女人有力量觸動我的靈魂,我的精神與純粹的電梯優雅 …那麼這名婦女是你可可香奈兒”。


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