by MarieLysD

Each summer the Pont du Gard celebrates its 2000 year existence. Located close to Nîmes, this impressive three-level bridge used to bring water into the City. 

I really enjoyed the visit of this World Heritage monument – not only
because of the magical show and firework display that took place at
night (put on by Groupe F), but also because it is situated in the most beautiful national
park that spreads out for 165 hectares in the Mediterranean

Did you know that Romans used 6 times more water than we now do in our daily life?   They were very clean – it was only in the Middle Ages that people stopped bathing out of fear of waterborne diseases.

The Pont du Gard offers many attractions. An interactive museum tour takes about an hour and is fun for all ages. The various displays offer an taste of everyday life during times past. You can see and hear water flowing, inhabitants going about their everyday life, speaking in Latin, and admire the antique monuments in Nîmes. You can learn about Gallo-roman civilisation, the central role of water and the construction of the bridge.

In the Cinema room next to it,  I attended a fascinating movie lasting a half hour about the history of the aqueduct.  It was entertaining for people of all ages – in the form of a « love story »  between a charming French girl and her her Italian lover, who helps her discover the site.  You will also found a media library and a section for kids. 

Exploring the bridge itself is really fun. If you visit the building with a guide you can go right up to the top level of the monument and into the channels where water flowed when the aqueduct was in use.  Wow !

While watching the sunset, we enjoyed a delicious outdoor dinner at the restaurant “les Terrasses” – located just in front of the bridge. 

After that, we went down near the river and sat on pretty cushions covered in Provencal upholstery to watch a stunning 30-minute magic show and firework celebration.  Every evening, from July 2nd to August 15th, the Pont du Gard lights up.

Be sure to witness this unforgettable place once in your lifetime!

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