The Monaco International Fireworks Festival (Concours International de feux d’artifice pyromélodiques) adds even more fun and flare to the luxurious principality of Monaco. Thousands come to this beautiful haven on the Riviera to witness the colorful displays by the best pyrotechnical specialists in the world. Held since 1966 in Monte Carlo, the competition has attracted top talent from every country to the beautiful Port Hercule.

This year the competition starts in July and ends in August. The winner will come back November 18 to dazzle the denizens the eve before the national holiday of Monaco.

Here are the dates you can witness The Monaco International Fireworks Festival:

  • July 9, 18 (starting at 10pm)
  • August 8, 25 (starting at 9:30pm)

Here is a video of 2008’s spectacular:

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