by NormaK

Apart from the cold, there is one major
reason that may stop an Australian girl from travelling at this time of the year to the
northern hemisphere during the winter season….the SNOW and its related problems.
I was due to fly out on Saturday night to San Francisco, and by around 2.00 pm the
snow storm they were predicting for the east coast, did in fact hit. So when I
got to the airport for my 6.00 pm flight, I was told it had been
cancelled and I was re-booked on a flight the following Monday.  So back I went into the city to enjoy 2
more nights and 1 full day. Fortunately, I had bought travel insurance!

The following morning I woke to find a
sunny day and snow everywhere. There is nothing more beautiful than virgin snow
on trees, on cars, on window sills, a beautiful blanket of white!  It just makes you want to go out and
make footprints everywhere.

I decided to head out to Central Park along
with many other New Yorkers and tourists. Located in the centre of the city
with the Manhatten skyline as a backdrop, it is exactly as I knew it to be from
the many movies that have featured this huge park. I think I located the bridge
from where Shirley MacLean is pushed in Sweet Charity. People were out enjoying
the ice skating rink, taking a horse drawn buggy ride and young kids with their
parents were out tobogganing. There were even snow men complete with scarfs and
carrot noses, twigs for arms, just gorgeous!

I loved New York, I can hardly wait to go
again. There is so much still I didn’t do or see. For my next visit. 

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