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Being at the new Globe Bleu Cote d’Azur office this week has meant that I unexpectedly could visit Monaco on the Formula 1 weekend and experience some of our Sports program. I know I am confirming the hype, but if you want an amazing F1 experience, then Monaco is the place for it. 

A number of drivers call Monaco home or have properties nearby, celebrities both above and below the radar are here to enjoy themselves, the Prince hosts some events, and the fans can sit a couple of metres from the cars if they want.

All this in one of the most recognised landscapes in the world.

What are the options – helicopter transfers, personal driver, central Monaco hotels, regional hotels or villas, Private F1 related events, charity events, F1 Terraces, Paddock Club or Boat Viewing options, Pit Lane visits, and after parties at the Amber Lounge – the F1 can be linked with Cannes Film Festival prior, some relaxing days in the area, then up to Paris for the French Open at Roland Garros.

For F1 followers 2009 has been a year of controversy so far – diffusers, kers, suspensions, future budget caps, and team Brawn to name a few. Maybe I should own up to being ‘a bit of a fan’ of this sport that requires split second reactions and an exactness, concentration and fitness achieved in few others, though I expect it is obvious by now.

Dates of interest when planning for 2010 are:

F1 Monaco – 20 to 23 May 2010

Cannes Film Festival – 12 to 23 May 2010

Roland Garros – 24 May to 6 June 2010

Want something out of the ordinary rather than just a couple of grandstand tickets? Ask us – the combination of Globe Bleu’s and Sports’s network will satisfy you and your clients.

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