By AshleyB

Even before the lights dim, the action begins with some interactive fun in the audience. Mystère of Cirque de Soleil is known as being one of the most successful shows on the stages of Vegas, but no number of photos or videos could do the artistry and entertainment of this spectacle justice.

The lights, the music, the acrobats coming from all four corners of the stage – Mystère is nothing short of breath taking. As the performance starts, one cannot even fathom wiping the smile off of their face as a “baby girl” bobbles onto the stage. Then, from almost out of thin air, appear several masked men, walking through the audience. As you stare at their graceful steps, you hardly notice the floating acrobats coming down from the ceiling above. The lights strike, the music blares and you are immediately transported into the world of Cirque de Soleil.

The performance lasts around an hour and a half with no intermission or break for refreshments or leg stretching, but quite honestly, you don’t see the time pass. It is not until the end of the show, as you find you’re incredibly thirsty after having passed the time with your mouth agape in amazement, that you even realize what time it is.

While there was never an instant during the performance during which I was not entertained, I think the most incredible part for me personally was the duo of male acrobats performing what is the most impressive show of strength and flexibility I have ever seen. Balancing on one’s head, lifting an entire body in the air from their shoulders, the artistry and work that goes into their show was intense. It was almost as if the entire audience held their breath for their five-minute solo act before breaking out in a deafening applause. There was even a spectator two rows in front of me that was so taken by the performance security had to come and tell her to calm down for the safety of the performers!

Elvis impersonators, Celine Dion, Donnie and Marie – one can see it all on the big stages and bright lights of Vegas. So next time you are in town and deciding what shows to take in, certainly make Mystère part of your list. You won’t be disappointed.

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