When I was an
angelic 7 year-old child, I dreamed of flying to the moon as an astronaut.

Today, our delightful Norma invited me to visit our partners in the skies. It was a sunny
autumn day in Paris with wonderful colors and a gentle breeze. 

Suddenly my inner-child came out with exaltation and happiness- I love helicopters!

My favorite is the  Dolphin VIP model – unique in France for its services – stood in front of me. There were other models in various colors “that go with your handbag” I said to our hostess at the
heli-airport, she replied “well you are not wrong – many newlyweds ask for white!

Let our new
helicopter services transport you to professional events, gastronomic
discoveries, sporting events or your most desired dream.

I said to
Norma, “let’s try one” so she, without any hesitation, sat in the Dolphin and
enjoyed the soft leather seat waiting happily for a glass of champagne until,

I sat in
the front seat and said to her “Come fly with Dario to the moon” – she bailed out and everybody laughed nervously.

Our host said “you could fly with our pilots to Marrakesh or Cannes in our private
jet fleet (we have tradeshows there this autumn). I responded with a big YES – I am game …! “

Come fly with Globe Bleu — just add Champagne!

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