City ZEN Cannes

By DarioVDL

We all have dreams which will hopefully come true sometime in our lives. It is very important to listen to the “little me” now and do it!

Dreams can become real, didn’t we walk on the moon? Share your dreams with your close ones – family and friends … click on the (blue key) link below “play”

Experience living in a Villa in Cannes with your close ones …

Life is too short to wait. Time passes fast – by doing nothing- we risk finding ourselves at the end of the road with empty hands.  Let us not forget our natural curiosity and childhood innocence; enjoy life!

Experience the Cote d’Azur with its protected bays, climate, and colors. It is ideal for sailing …

I sailed a yacht and parked it successfully at the bay for the first time under blue skies, sunshine and in front of a group of nervous nellies. “Thanks Jacques for your trust” (our Captain).

Globe Bleu’s guidance and my newfound muse “Tinkerbell” led
me to hidden places in Cannes, behind the scenes, and eventually to the golden pot at the Rainbow. 
I felt the new ZEN.

The experience of meeting a great Artist “Alfons Alt” (art exhibition at La Malmaison) who asked me to be his model for one of his projects was a sign: things are getting better… he hosts “workshops” if you would like to learn his technique…

I experienced the fairytale house where the film festival’s committee decides on the winner each year… extraordinary! …

Experience delectable Provencal cuisine

Experience a protected Island full of peace, great spirits and a 200 old wine history …

In Cannes I felt a mysterious magical energy awaken in me. Together with Mr. David’s team, Globe Bleu  will help you to make your dreams and passions come true!

“When you become certain that nothing is impossible for you, you will attain everything you desire.”  – Wayne Dyer


Alfons Alt – Espace Miramar, Cannes, On January 16th, 2010

Cannes revives your dormant …” shall continue in part two with …the historical hotel where HM Prince Rainier IImet his Princess, Grace Kelly, for the first time and more experiences… on January 27th, New York time.

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