By: DarioVDL

I had the great pleasure of attending the opening ceremony near Paris of the exhibit dedicated to Brigitte Bardot – in honour of her 75th Birthday.  

She became an feminist icon and idol during her heyday,

later … a SYMBOL of defense and protection againt the atrocities being carried out with defenseless domestic animals and the others in danger of extinction.

Never afraid to speak her mind. It is one of the reason I personally admire her.

“Brigitte Bardot, Bardot
Brigitte beijou, beijou
Lá dentro do cinema
Todo mundo se afobou”

Let celebrate together with Dario Moreno the eternal beauty in every woman,

the innocence, a caring nature and inspiration immortalized in BB.

I must confess my mother bore a strong resemblance to BB in her early years.

We get distracted so easily when a different charming graceful and glamorous lady passes by.

My friend Martine and I were so fascinated by her exhibition. It shows the journey of a sweet young girl to become a worldwide icon in just one second.

From the exhibition, we learnt :

How a peaceful fisher’s town was transformed to one of the most visited locations in Brazil after her visit in 1964.

Her adventures when filming Viva Maria! together with Jeanne Moreau in Mexico (1965).

About a sensitive woman who met John Paul II, HM Queen Elizabeth II, Picasso, Salvador Dalí and fantastic people as she commented today.

How external beauty had a deep relationship with the kindness in her heart which made the woman she is today. 

Highly recommended … she may appear when you are there

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