by AshleyB

Paul Revere’s House, Fanueil Hall, Harvard, MIT, the Red Socks, the Commons … Boston is known for its rich history and diverse culture. 

As a true Southern Belle with a sweet tooth to boot, I forgot all that and made a beeline to the perfect meringue à la Mike’s Pastry Shop as soon as I arrived.


Any first-timer to Boston with so much as the slightest sweet tooth must be sure not to miss out on the mouth watering goodness of Mike’s Pastry shop. Located in Boston’s historical North End neighborhood, one cannot walk down the streets without crossing passer bys with a happy look of satisfaction on their faces, white and blue Mike’s cartons in hand.

When I walked inside, I was immediately overwhelmed by the choice – Italian pastries, cupcakes, pies, meringues, cookies – every possible baked good you can image sat daintily inside the lit cabinets while at least a dozen servers wrapped up orders. String hangs from the ceiling, directly led to the notorious pastry boxes so it can be easily wrapped around for safe keeping and portability in the quickest of gestures.


Pictures of cannoli, Mike’s most famous pastry, line the walls in all sizes and flavors. The choice is infinite but must be made. I opt for a Boston Cream Pie… when in Rome, right? And why not, a taste of a lemon cannoli as well. As I walk along the riverside back to my downtown hotel, I am stopped at least three times by someone admiring this newly acquired box to ask where they can find the pastry shop themselves.

Then the time comes to actually taste it. After the visual explosion in the shop itself, the delightful odor as I walked through the streets of Boston, my taste buds could no longer take the suspense. The cream pie was first – savory, intense, melt in your mouth flavor better than any cream pie I have ever tasted. The cannoli was just as satisfying. Its flaky homemade crust perfectly housed the lemon interior, a perfect mix of tangy and sweet. In short, the most delicious pastries in which I have ever indulged.

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