By: Darío VDL

Coordinates:                                                       43° 16′ 23.87″ N, 6° 38′ 22.64″

“I was in St Tropez organizing a VIP party on Bastille Day, the national holiday here in commemoration of the French Revolution in 1789. It was a lovely event – mostly  local Tropezien “Bobos” – many of them Scandinavian (as the host is Swedish). I named it “Stockholm seduced by Saint Tropez” and decked it all out based in Swedish colors, food, traditions and design. The Tropezian yard was transformed in  a marvelous minimalist Swedish courtyard to host the garden party, an evening cocktail a la “Brigitte” and an “eco” dinner inspirited on a Swedish archipelago’s night. Everyone admired the fabulous fireworks and the French speakers sang “La Marseillaise”.

The unexpected highlight for me was a serendipitous encounter with Brigitte Bardot herself on Bastille Day near her property – la Madrague –   She looks wonderful.  I said ¨Bonjour Madame, je vous adore¨ bowed and doffed my hat. She smiled and replied ¨Bonjour Monsieur¨.  For me, this was a very special moment.  I have long been an admirer, know most of her delightful songs by heart (¨tu veux ou tu veux pas…?¨) and will treasure this delightful memory for the rest of my days.”

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