The Chanel Paris Tour: Encounter Coco Chanel in Paris​

Take the ultimate Chanel walk  with Alex, GlobeBleu’s Luxury, High-End Fashion expert, into the heart of Parisian luxury.  Immerse yourself in Coco Chanel’s fashion universe at Place Vendôme and 31 rue Cambon in Paris.


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The Chanel Paris Tour: Encounter Coco Chanel in Paris​Discover Chanel Paris with GlobeBleu, Alexandra

And Coco Chanel is its empress...

The Paris experience tailor-made for fashion fans, innovators and lovers of the finer things in life

Enrich your Parisian story with Alexandra’s intimate encounter with Coco Chanel in the heart of luxury, refinement and elegance at Place Vendôme and 31 rue Cambon in Paris..

Dive deep into Chanel’s design universe, deciphering her codes and styles   Trace Coco Chanel’s footsteps to Place Vendôme and the Ritz Paris

A fascinating journey deep into the life, legend and design legacy of the world’s most famous fashion designer, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

At 31 rue Cambon, Chanel’s flagship store, you will revel in the impeccably presented and alluring Chanel creations. Let your senses travel with mythic fragrances, accessories, jewelry, watches, and prêt-à-porter.  You witness how Karl Lagerfeld pays homage to “Coco” in Chanel’s contemporary collections.  You will  discover why “every woman alive loves Chanel N°5”,  learn why “we’re all wearing Chanel”

With each piece, Alexandra will highlight the continuity of Coco’s signature. She’ll draw your attention to the mastery of Chanel’s craftsmanship.  For Chanel fans, it’s pure heaven. And for innovators, the life and achievements of Coco Chanel is golden inspiration.  And naturally, an encounter with Coco Chanel Paris is an incredible indulgence of the senses for anyone who loves the finer things in life.




GlobeBleu Expert: Alexandra, French Luxury and High-End Expert
Experience: The Chanel Paris Tour: Encounter Coco Chanel in Paris​
Location: Paris, 8 arrondissement
Language: French, English

 This Experience will offer you a deeper understanding of: 

  • The  legendary French designer and creator of the world’s most famous brand is Paris. She’s the incarnation of Parisian style.
  • Enrich your Parisian story with Coco Chanel …
  • For 2 luxurious hours of Parisian elegance, discover Coco’s life story in exquisite detail
  • Marvel at her tenacity in breaking through the male dominated world of fashion
  • Go deep into understanding her signature style
  • Alexandra will give you a rich contextual understanding of the Chanel universe in Paris.
  • You’ll be inspired by her rise from humble beginnings to build the fashion empire; the exceptional house of Chanel.
  • Be empowered by how she revolutionized women’s wear and redefined womanhood
  • See how she unchained women from the tyranny of constraint
  • Celebrate Coco Chanel’s championing of the modern woman
  • And enriched with that understanding, explore the stunning physical world of Coco Chanel’s Paris.
  • Immerse yourself in Coco Chanel’s Paris
  • See, touch and sense Chanel’s signature and inspirations all around you

The world of luxury and high-end fashion in Paris is Alexandra’s personal and professional universe.

Passionate about her life of luxury in Paris, Alexandra knows all the best addresses. She has an impressive address book, too.

Alexandra has represented top French luxury brands worldwide, in the USA, Brazil, Hong Kong and London. She’s championed French brands of champagne, high-end fashion and fine jewelry internationally.

France’s unique heritage is also her expertise. She completed a PhD in history, so get ready for deeply stimulating conversations on all things French and Parisian.

With Alexandra, you’ll have the perfect key to indulging the finer things about life in Paris.

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