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Nancy B, Denver, CO, USA

Bob planned a bespoke trip for our family of five to include culture, education, and plenty of challenging activities. We climbed great mountains, rode the most amazing singletrack in Switzerland and France, and ice climbed on Mer de Glace. It… Read more “Nancy B, Denver, CO, USA”

August 16, 2019

Reggie VL, New York, US

Our 12 day trek was magical — a true “Crazy Rich Asians” experience in Singapore, an educational enlightening in Laos and the amazing elephant walk in Chiang Mai — GlobeBleu made every moment special! Did I mention how uniquely historic… Read more “Reggie VL, New York, US”

May 8, 2019

Natalie L, Reston, Virginia

We have known Bob for years and traveled with him in London and India. His reputation for putting together magical trips, including those we experienced with him, is the reason we chose to travel to Bhutan with GlobeBleu. Everything was… Read more “Natalie L, Reston, Virginia”

March 18, 2019

Jim J, Indianapolis

We enjoyed our trip. In Paris, Federico was great – both entertaining and informative. Both driver and guide in Normandy were excellent. The hotel and village were special.  We truly are enjoying ourselves! You have done well !   

October 5, 2018

Kristy H, Seattle

Honestly, our trip was meant to be and certainly was a highlight in what proved to be a very challenging year.  Our trip to France was the pinnacle!  We have the pictures as a screensaver on our television, so we… Read more “Kristy H, Seattle”

August 10, 2018