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Angie B. From Atlanta, GA USA

Athens, Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos Trip for 8 women Hi Bob. The trip was fantastic. As Carolyn stated, the accommodations were great with beautiful views in each. The excursions were all very well done. The islands of Greece are phenomenal places… Read more “Angie B. From Atlanta, GA USA”

July 15, 2022

Janice D. San Francisco , CA

Mexico city tour: Great group trip for mutual friends birthday. I joined for Mexico City part. Bellas Artes, walking tour finding Diegi Rivera murals on buildings. Dinners & a private tour of The Anthropology museum were highlights. Very detail oriented… Read more “Janice D. San Francisco , CA”

May 19, 2022

Phil (family of 5) from Tampa, Florida USA

Thanks for everything – we are about 15 minutes to the Denver airport and this has been a great trip. From where our room was located, my mom and wife, who don’t ski, were able to watch the kids come… Read more “Phil (family of 5) from Tampa, Florida USA”

February 14, 2022

Nathan and Joanne (family of 10) from New York City, USA

We’ve booked 3 trips with Bob now. The latest trip – to South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia was fantastic, until Omicron hit and we were stranded. We visited Capetown, Victoria Falls, 2 safari camps in Botswana and then Nambia… Read more “Nathan and Joanne (family of 10) from New York City, USA”

December 28, 2021

Rachel and Paul B. (family of 5) from Pennsylvania, USA

Hi Bob, We had a really great time. We enjoyed all the activities in Paris and were really glad that we went to Strasbourg too. I loved staying at the Bristol. They made everything so easy! We got there around… Read more “Rachel and Paul B. (family of 5) from Pennsylvania, USA”

December 27, 2021