Talia Rizo P, Lima, Peru

First of all, I will like to send you all my gratitude for the help received during my stay in Paris with the cosmetics company incentive group. I have always believed that efficiency, professionalism and support can be measured in times of crisis … and let me tell you that the way you helped us, supported us and found a solution during the airport closures and volcano were really outstanding. Marie Lys was incredible arranging drivers, buses and van for the luggage in really short time……..I appreciate very much all your help, and your preoccupation calling me and calling my office in Lima and give them all the information. The success to get everyone on time in Madrid to take flights to cities all across Latin America were thanks to all your effort. Thank you very much, thank you also for your preoccupation having water and sandwiches for the ladies…..Marie-Lys, you were really amazing. Also thank you for the great seats you confirmed for us at Moulin Rouge! They were the best! Everything was fine, the restaurants selected by you, the photographer, the guides, everything! Talia Rizo P from Lima, Peru