Sandy M, Australia

Hello Aaron, Thank you for your email regarding our recent trip. I had intended to email you this week to report that all was excellent. I have only recently returned from the USA. All three guides were excellent, and I wish to commend them all. The accommodation at Yosemite was excellent, and happy to report that we visited and departed just in time, although photos reveal a little smoke haze at end of the day. Our guide, Ashley, enabled us to see the best of Yosemite in a day and that would not have been achieved if we were on our own. Her excellent guiding made the day so productive, pleasant and interesting. Our guide in Washington DC was exceptional, and made a very enjoyable evening on our walking tour. Cliff, who guided us in NY, also enabled us to see many places of interest and the best of NY within 4 hours. When travelling on a time schedule, as most of us do, a private guided tour enables one to see the best of a destination and learn the facts in a short time. This also enables one to obtain the best out of their travels. Thanks, Aaron, for arranging this programme for us. Thanks to Globe Bleu for a most enjoyable and entertaining dinner at VTW, Las Vegas. Kind Regards Sandy M from MTA Travel in Australia