Sandra A

Dear Norma, Greetings from today almost sunny Lucerne and I hope you are doing fine….we have heard from our clients and I am very happy to send their feedback: We had a perfect trip to France. Thank you so much for helping me put together a last minute trip and all the special details that were included to make us feel like a princess. It was a bit fancier that my usual trips so I hope I can come back to reality soon . The hotels were just lovely. Have you been to them? If not, you should take a trip and visit. I did get a little nervous the night before our TGV train was to leave for Paris with the strikes but our particular train fortunately was not affected. I stayed awake that night trying to determine a Plan B all for nothing!! All the ladies were very happy and so a BIG thank you for your work. Thank you so much for doing such great work for us and I do look forward to working with you on many more projects. Warmest regards, Sandra A