Richard M, Monterey, CA

This review was posted by the traveler to Wendy Perrin’s Condé Nast Traveler’s Top Travel Specialist page for Robert Preston
Recently my wife and I spent three weeks in France celebrating our 50th anniversary.  Wanting to make this a very special occasion I researched the web extensively, and using your CNT article of 12/2012 contacted Bob Preston to put together and coordinate our trip.  We wanted an itinerary that included everything from air travel, hotels, sightseeing, ground transportation etc.  Bob responded immediately, and by both phone and Emails we constructed a trip that more than met our expectations.  It even included a six day private barge cruise in the South of France.  Working with Bob and his company before we left was a real pleasure as he and his staff gave us the information we needed to make us feel comfortable before departure.
We wanted a trip that had a combination of guides and structured sightseeing with plenty of free time to explore on our own.  Having lived in Europe for four years, and traveled extensively for a number of years this was important.  We hit a few small glitches during the trip (not due to Globe Bleu), and Bob or his people responded immediately when contacted. In fact, one evening I contacted him by Email before going to bed and he responded by phone to me within five minutes with an answer.  I was amazed.  My wife became ill a few days into the trip, and he was very helpful with some advice for a doctor etc.
All in all the trip was fantastic.  The written itinerary that had our hotel reservations, train tickets and times, car drivers cell nos. and times of pickup and all of the information we need for each day.  It was seamless, and gave us the opportunity to enjoy our trip to the fullest without worrying about the details that usually accompany a trip of this magnitude.  Our drivers were friendly and knowledgeable and the hotels that Bob chose all met our expectations.  The guides for some private sightseeing in Paris were exceptional.
We would highly recommend Bob Preston and Globe Bleu for anyone wanting a great travel experience handled by professional specialists.