Rayanna C

Hi Norma, My clients just returned from France and had a WONDERFUL time. Thank you so much for making “the trip of a lifetime!”. They LOVED all of their guides and felt that each of them went above and beyond. She told me about their guide in Paris who had not been to the Escadrille de Lafayette, and completely went out of his way to contract this sight and was able to procure a private tour with the curator. He also studied up on this sight to make sure he knew it extremely well. They were very impressed. The guide in Normandy was great and had a passion for WWII history, which they loved. He was a very lively character which they thoroughly enjoyed. He too went above and beyond and spent time over the 8 hours with them on one of their tour days. The female guide was very knowledgeable and they very much enjoyed meeting with the wine makers in the Loire Valley…she said they were FABULOUS! So thank you again for your assistance. I very much appreciate the attention to detail and personal care that they received. Sincerely, Rayanna C from Santa Barbara Travel