Paula K, Los Angeles

Hi all, I have just finished working with Denise at Globe Bleu. I had a group of high profile Chinese Real Estate investors visiting the Southeast.  Most of them did not speak English. Their primary focus was visiting Senior Real Estate developments and shopping centers.  They visited Kiawah Island, Charleston and Miami. Denise was amazing.  She found Mandarin interpreters and guides.  She set up various real estate visits including senior developments and shopping centers. In addition planned evening cruise in Miami plus full day of fishing.  There were changes along the way.  Nothing was too difficult .  Every request was met. Restaurant reservations were made..and changed.  Movie tickets acquired. Changes were made.  Her one objective was to keep the clients happy. The goings and comings were monitored and I got a full report .  I cannot recommend Denise more highly.  She is professional, caring and a delight to work with. I look forward to working with Denise again when the group comes back to visit the Northeast and anywhere else in the states.  I am eager to try the services of Globe Bleu in France. Any questions, feel free to ask me.  Denise is a true find! Paula K from New Act Travel in Los Angeles (Virtuoso)