Eboney H, Cambridge, MA USA

Friends & Family Trip to Cuba:

Dear Susan and Bob,

Thank you both for helping me to fulfill a long awaited bucket list trip to Havana for our group of fourteen guests.

My grandmother who didn’t want to go, cant stop talking about the trip and all the amazing food. We were a big and slow moving group, but everyone had a good time. The 10 and 6 year olds were asking their father if they could host their birthdays in Cuba. The classic cars were a hit with all the youngsters. There was literally something for everyone!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the villa, service was magnificent, I also loved the party at the house, the salsa dancing with 21 dancers.

Some of the days were too long though. With such a big group, we probably should have done one more dinner at the house…

I can’t wait to return!