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Sun and Sand of Southern Corsica

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Corsica, the land of contrasts, is one of the most unique and beautiful islands in all of the Mediterranean. With everything from towering mountains to long and luxurious coastlines, it boasts diverse and remarkable scenery for everyone to enjoy. Come discover southern Corsica’s diverse landscapes, sparkling white cliffs, prehistoric sites, and crystal clear waters as you explore several of the island's most breathtaking towns and villages. Dip your toes in the fresh Mediterranean water; soak in the unique architecture and coastal views; and let the culture of these charming towns bring you back to their Greek and Roman heritage.

Visit Napoleon’s birthplace, delight in some local delicacies, and roam museum halls that house impressive Renaissance works.  The history, views, and culture of the region will open their doors as you discover the traditions, enthusiasm and pride of this magnificent island.


You will begin your southern Corsica adventure in Cargese. Known as the “Greek village” due to its 17th century inhabitants, this town offers beautiful architecture and coastal views. You will have the opportunity to walk among its whitewashed houses; dip your toes in the fine sandy beaches; and take a stroll among its beautiful churches complete with ‘trompe l’oeil’ paintings and breathtaking views from the terraces.  Later that afternoon you will discover the calanches of Piana and Porto, a region so beautiful that it has been named a World Heritage Site. Don’t miss the 16th century watchtower that is perched atop the red cliffs. It provides magnificent views of the town and beaches below. That night, rest up at the Palazzu Domu Hotel.


Your second day will be devoted to discovering Ajaccio, a town that is perhaps best known as being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Through your guided tour, you will pass by the house where he was born, which is now a museum, and explore the caves where he played.  That afternoon, enjoy the Italian Renaissance paintings in the Fesch Museum in Ajaccio.  Be sure not to miss the old town either, with its picturesque Mediterranean style houses, unassuming cathedral, and Quartier des Etrangers.  The rest of your afternoon will continue in Propriano, for a relaxed stay among the charming beaches. There, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of sun and swim. Just a bit down the road from Propriano is Sartene, which is where you will bring your day to an end. 


Your third day will begin with a tour of the oldest town in all of Corsica, Bonifacio, beginning with the Staircase of the King of Aragon, a staircase cut directly into the stone to access the town above.  As you enter into the center of the town, you will be overcome by the beauty of the white limestone peninsula, the tall sturdy houses sitting along the cobbled streets and the endless view from atop the cliffs.  If you’d like, we can arrange for yachting or diving tours, two of the most popular activities in the region. That night, tuck into the Casa del Mar hotel for a first class night of sleep.


You will conclude your southern Corsica journey in Porto Vecchio and Aleria.  The former is now a very popular beach resort, and its coastline will give you an opportunity to relax under the golden sunlight.  The town itself also merits investigation.  You can spend your morning roaming around the Place de la Republique with its ancient buildings, taking a stroll along the marina, and enjoying a fresh seafood lunch at a restaurant overlooking the harbor.  From there, your private driver will accompany you to Aleria.  The first stop is its renowned Roman ruins, which include remnants of the Roman town, villa and necropolis.  Next, you will tour the 15th century fort that once kept watch over the harbor and now serves as a historic monument before perusing the archaeological works in the Museum Jerome-Carcopino.  Everything from busts to money to pottery can be seen, giving a great idea of how life would have been in the town thousands of years earlier.

•       Roundtrip transfers to/from Ajaccio airport     

•       1 nights accommodation at the Palazzu U Domu Hotel including breakfast and   taxes
•       2 nights accommodation at the La Casa del Mar hotel including breakfast and taxes
•       4 day private tour (Cargese, Ajaccio, Fesch Museum, Propriano, Sartene, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, Aleria, Museum Jerome-Carcopino) with guide
•       Private transportation between cities by minivan

We recommend pairing this trip with our Northern Corsica mini break.

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