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GlobeBleu offers only Bespoke programs. We tailor each itinerary to a specific customer's needs and interests. These experiences and itineraries are examples of what we can do.

In the fabulous private ateliers of the leading French perfume house of Thierry Mugler, experts will help you understand your own “olfactory profile” and identify your favorite aromas and the worst offenders.  Learn all about the emergence of perfumes through the ages, from the times of the Pharaohs, the Greeks, the Romans, the Middle Ages on to the Renaissance, 18th century and modern day. You’ll discover how different cultures and religions assimilate fragrances and where in the world rose is mainly used as a masculine fragrance. Understand the fragrance pyramid—top, middle and base notes and learn, by association, to identify them in fragrances used today.

In some of the workshops, you can experiment to create your own fragrance based on a profile and get feedback from a perfume expert. In others, you’ll explore some of the least-known aspects of perfumery, including the two still-allowed forms of natural musk (hint: one comes from sperm whale secretions that float on the ocean’s surface and sell for astronomical amounts).  You’ll hear about perfume’s use as a political, sociological and religious weapon, plays on emotion by the major perfumers and some of the darker sides of the profession.  You can also sneak a peek at their gorgeous haute-couture showroom with original collections.  You’ll also visit Paris’ most exclusive perfume boutique, where priceless concoctions from times past are still available in the most elegant of surroundings.

Experience for yourself recreations of Marie Antoinette’s fragrance and the Eau de Cologne specially created for Napoleon—who purportedly went through 40 liters daily; the world’s oldest “modern” perfume made using organic chemistry (no longer available, but one from Guerlain, launched just a few years later, still is); and the oldest known fragrance—Kyphi—which was reborn in the year 2000 at a conference in Cairo based on recipes written on the walls of temples and pyramids in Upper Egypt.

We suggest that you combine this with our Paris Fashion theme for a more complete fashion experience!

• Four-hour perfume workshop with a perfume expert from Les Ateliers Parfums par Thierry Mugler 
• Champagne luncheon
• A fragrance gift pack 
• Half-day guided tour with private driver of Paris’ most prestigious perfume houses
• One night in a boutique luxury hotel (Belle Époque period) across from the Louvre and Tuileries gardens
• Roundtrip private transfers from the Paris airport or train stations

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