Champagne and Opera with Stephane
A journey of sensual discovery: myth, opera and champagne through the stories of a musicologist.

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Paris, in a parisian flat

Languages : “french”, “english”

A journey of sensual discovery: myth, opera and champagne through the stories of a musicologist

I invite you to join me in an exercise in transcending the bounds of our own senses.

In a cozy Parisian setting, we will take an unorthodox approach to the tasting of wine; a rare moment that can be described, but that must be experienced for the full effect.

With every champagne we sample, we will listen to three sublime operatic arias, duets, or choruses to encourage a variety of powerful and surprising insights. One thing is certain: wine champagne and opera were made for each other.

Like wine, opera is something to be savored, from the first note to the very last. Our ears drink in the opera’s music and the story that it tells, the complex combination of sounds and visions provoking a wide range of emotions and reactions.

And, like wine champagne in a glass, an opera fills a theater with its essence, a reflection of its unique origins and the careful crafting that went into it. The pleasure we take from both only increases when they are combined, and when the experience is shared.

What I am proposing is a bacchanalian celebration, of sorts. After all, Bacchus is the god of the vine and wine. He represents life and fertility, the impulse that frees us from our chains and liberates our life force. The master of dance, theatre and music, he erases sorrow and replaces it with joy, with ecstasy. He is a formidable divinity, at once disturbing and alluring. Bacchus is the expression of sensual love, and he offers the hope of immortality.

Steeped in the alchemy of wine infused with opera, we will be privy to the mysteries of Bacchus and all that this mythology represents: pleasure, friendship sincerity – laughing, dancing, irreverence – love, ecstasy, delight…

With every wine champagne and opera, we will be privy to the mysteries of Bacchus and all that this mythology represents: Pleasure, friendship and sincerity – Laughing, dancing, and irreverence – Love, ecstasy, and delight. For a wonderful time together…


I love of the human voice and opera, his sensitivity to the powerful emotions in music.

My ability to make such vast and esoteric subjects as myth and opera accessible.

My ability to make you experience opera in a totally different way.

My open and inviting manner with his audience.

The remarkable originality and surprising relevance of my “wine tasting” approach.


Stéphane, a former professor of Philosophy in France and abroad, is a storyteller, a philosopher and a musicologist.

His primary interests lie in the archetypes and structures of imagination, the founding myths, and their musical expression in operas.

In 2005, he created Alalma, a consulting firm, and began offering his Myth & Opera© seminars in creative management.

For the most part, he works with the business leaders of companies, included famous brands of perfume, fashion, champagne… designing events and seminars around opera sessions.

In these events, he uses the journey of a mythical figure – his history, his trials, his resources – to examine the values, messages and challenges of our time.

The idea behind the Myth & Opera experiences is to foster open and creative exchange.

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This 2-hour unique experience is limited to 15 guests.   For larger groups, please send an email to: directly.


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