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Marie Antoinette

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Join EuroPanache, Les Ateliers Parfums par Thierry Mugler, and one of the leading experts on Marie Antoinette for a very special and sensory two-day, behind-the-scenes experience in Paris and Versailles.   Marie Antoinette, one of history’s favorite villainesses, was, in fact, a highly creative and multifaceted woman from the Austrian Royal Family, handed off for marriage to France’s Louis XVI at the young age of 14.  She had a tragic life; yet her influence lasts to this day.  Our program combines 18th century history; perfume creation; period makeup and costumes; a fascinating workshop on how fans were used to communicate; music composed by Marie Antoinette and performed live; behind-the-scenes visits of her private chambers in Versailles, le Petit Trianon, and the Hamlet; a period dinner by a top chef; a workshop where you’ll recreate her favorite chocolate; and a visit to the Conciegerie prison, where she spent her last days prior to being guillotined at the young age of 37 for alleged crimes that were never substantiated.  

Discover how privileged yet tragic this woman was—how she defied both royalty and commoners alike with avant-garde thinking; her sensual side and continuing influence on fashion houses like Dior, Chanel and Mugler; her feminine and tomboy periods; genuine coquetterie; and true generosity. You’ll leave with an appreciation of how naïve she was and a newfound respect for how misinterpreted she continues to be.

Day One. 

You’ll begin at a workshop on Marie Antoinette at Mugler’s fabulous premises in central Paris overlooking the Opera Garnier.  One of the world’s leading period experts will guide you through the basics of the times, her tragic life and her adoration of flowers, scents, chocolates, and makeup.  Together, you’ll discover the essences of the queen's favorite perfume and witness for yourself the fabulous scent recreated in her name. A light champagne lunch will be served.  Following this exhilarating workshop, you’ll head to Versailles for private visits to her chambers; a fun tutorial on how fans were used to communicate; personal hair and makeup sessions by a fashion stylist specialized in the period; and a genuine period dinner by one of Versailles’ most celebrated chefs. That night, you’ll sojourn in the elegant Trianon Palace Hotel—Versailles’ finest. (L,D) 

Day Two.

After a lavish breakfast, you’ll have a workshop recreating and tasting Marie Antoinette’s favorite chocolate—a surprising mixture of three vanillas and grey amber—followed by behind-the-scenes visits of the Petit Trianon, the Hamlet and her favorite gardens.  Lunch will be served at La Flotille, the lovely restaurant on the Grand Canal in the Parc de Versailles.  After lunch, you’ll head back to Paris for an exclusive visit to the Conciergerie, where Marie Antoinette spent her final days prior to being executed.   All guests will receive a personally-autographed version of Dr. Elisabeth de Feydeau’s award-winning  book on the secret history of on Marie-Antoinette’s Perfumer. 

Marie Antoinette Expert (Dr, Elisabeth de Feydeau).   Dr. Feydeau (PhD Sorbonne) is one of the leading experts on 18th century Paris and Versailles and Marie Antoinette. She is known for having recreated Marie Antoinette’s perfume and favorite chocolate with a leading nose, Francis Kurkdjian.  Just about all of the original Baccarat bottles of the perfume, Sillage de la Reine, were purchased a few years ago by the Sultan of Oman (but EuroPanache guests will get to sample).  Their chocolate creation is now available only on special request.  Elisabeth de Feydeau has also authored over eight books—including her most two recent, A Scented Palace: the secret history of Marie-Antoinette’s Perfumer, for which she won the Prix Guerlain in 2006; and her latest work, Diptyque. Prior to her association with Les Ateliers Parfums par Thierry Mugler and EuroPanache, she worked for Chanel and Bourjois as head of cultural and heritage programs.  

• Airport/train station transfers in a private car 
• One night in a historic deluxe hotel in central Paris with breakfast
• One night in a luxury hotel in Versailles with breakfast
• A Marie Antoinette perfume creation workshop (four hours)

• A Marie Antoinette chocolate creation workshop (two hours)

• A workshop on period communication with fans (one hour)

• Private, behind-the-scenes visits in Versailles
• A champagne luncheon at Les Ateliers Parfums par Thierry Mugler
• Luncheon in Versailles   

• A makeup session
• Transfers to/from Versailles
• A period dinner in one of Versailles’ finest restaurants

Note: This program is recommended for small groups of 4 to 12 people.

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