Dine and Dish: Behind the Scene with a Celebrated Michelin-Starred Chef

Meet Chef Thomas Boullault for A 100% Michelin Experience and walk away with a rare 100% view of the wonderful world of French haute cuisine.

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Behind the Scene with a Celebrated Michelin-Starred Chef

For the discerning traveler to Paris, there's no question.  One must experience the finest haute-cuisine the city has to offer. It is, after all, Paris ... a temple for gastronomes the world over.... and when it comes time to choose the best restaurant in Paris, we look to the measure of perfection - the Michelin-Starred Restaurant.  There are few cities in the world that rival Paris for the sheer number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

The city boasts over 70, making it one of the most foodie-friendly capitals in the world.   Sieving through the list is daunting. Locking in a reservation for your specific Paris dates, a challenge.... and, yes, the effort is well worth it.Try resisting the temptation of L'Arôme, for example, with its stunning cuisine by Michelin-Starred chef, Thomas Boullault.  Thomas won the prestigious “Best Meat Dish of the Year ” award last year at Les Lebey de la gastronomie, the French “Oscars” for culinary excellence.  ... and we can see why.

GlobeBleu Expert: Thomas Boullault
Experience: Dine and Dish: Behind the Scenes with a Michelin-Starred Chef 
Location: Paris, 8 arrondissement
  French, English

Morning Excursion

Your introduction to Thomas’s approach to cuisine may start. when he picks you up in his antique Mercedes and drives you to one of the city’s markets, where he will take you to the top fruit and vegetable sellers and he selects the best produce on offer.

You’ll learn about how Thomas chooses his ingredients, from flowers to heirloom vegetables, many of which have become rare in modern cooking. Even ingredients that you may think you know well—arugula, wild greens, seasonal fruits, squash—reveal their complexity when Thomas explains the nuances of their flavors.  If the weather allows, your next stop may be a picnic overlooking.

The Seine on a rarely visited quay where your lesson in gastronomy may include oysters, smoked salmon, and a glass of fine champagne. Thomas will share insights on both enjoying and preparing the sauces that accompany his dishes. A after this satisfying start to your culinary adventure, you may head to one of Paris’s three working  vineyards. No French meal is complete until it is paired with an excellent bottle of wine, and Thomas will introduce you to the winemakers and you’ll learn about their art. You’ll explore the wineries’ atmospheric cellars where Michelin-starred restaurants and palace hotels store their most valuable bottles.

Afternoon Excursion

If you opt for an afternoon excursion with Thomas, you may visit one of these wineries before heading to his new restaurant in the 8th arrondissement for an aperitif in the kitchen. You’ll see the master in his element as he gives you a private tour and explains how he and his team conceive and then produce the restaurant’s celebrated dishes.

Afterwards you’ll sit down to a private tasting and, now that your palate has become a little more refined thanks to Thomas, you’ll better appreciate the complexity of truly stellar French cuisine. An outing with Thomas is a must for any foodie or Francophile who wants to better understand the cuisine that is at the center of the country’s culture.

At just 28, Thomas Boullault became a Michelin-Starred Chef after he joined Eric Martins at L'arome in 2007.   Previously, Thomas had risen through the ranks with the team of Phillipe Legendre at George V, and at the pretigious addresses like Seize and the Royal Monceau under the orders of Chirstophe Pete'.  In 2015, Thomas was awarded the prestigious "Best Meat Dish of the Year" Award at Les Lebey de la gastronomie, the French "Oscars" for culinary achievement.

Today, Thomas presides over another Michelin-starred restaurant where critics have praised his use of the highest quality products in creative dishes, each based on a single flavor. He truly embodies joie de vivre and is a wonderful guide to France’s culinary heritage.

Thomas is passionate about locally sourced and seasonal produce in the elaboration of his refined, contemporary cuisine. He works each hand selected ingredient into a delicate balance of flavors. It's a very personal affair.

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