A Hands-On Pastry Class in a Charming French House

Marie-Françoise will come collect you in Paris, drive you to her beautiful home, and return you to Paris at the end of the experience

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Learn how to make homemade pastries in a French home

  • A class in making French pastries: kneading the dough, making pastry fillings, working with chocolate or caramel, and more
  • Learn about the traditional French pastries, their history, how they've changed over time
  • Enjoy pastry tasting and conversation during a French "gouter" (similar to afternoon tea) at the lovely table of your hostess
  • And when the weather is nice, you can enjoy her garden as well..

Marie-Françoise invites you to join her out in the country, to a peaceful haven just outside of Paris. Her lovely, tastefully decorated home is filled with the scents of homemade jams and jellies. During this cooking class, you will be truly immersed in the French art of living here in this refined, delicious and healthy environment.

Her GlobeBleu experience is a hands-on pastry-making lesson, followed by a traditional French "gouter."

You will learn 4 recipes, including:

- Pâte à choux, for making chouquettes and gougères

- Pâte sablé, for making lemon, apple, and Parisian-style straxwberry tarts.

- Gateau de gouter, for making meringues, traditional macarons, and madeleines

- Gateau de dessert, for making baba au rhum, chocolate volcanoes, and the traditional "galette des rois," or "king's cake" (nothing like the New Orleans version) served at Epiphany.

You'll use the finest ingredients from the best producers.

Pastry-making is second nature to Marie-Françoise. The goal is to have fun, relax and enjoy yourself.

In addition, you'll have the pleasure of tasting real, French-style hot chocolate in winter (and you'll help make it), or freshly pressed fruit juice in the summer.

You'll take the recipes home with you, so you can delight your friends and family with what you learned about pastries in just one day in Paris.

Born to French parents living in Morocco, Marie-Françoise was raised on an orange citrus & olive tree plantation.

We spent our summers in Switzerland and there we were allowed into the kitchen during the preparation of afternoon snacks and desserts made with seasonal fruits: berry tarts– cherry or Mirabelle Clafoutis– apricot, apple and pear preserves and marmelade. madeleines, butter shortbread, marble cake, etc.

The beginning of my cooking experience was in the beauce region– I was 10 years old. Everyday meals for 12 people had to be prepared and my mother needed help. I was in charge of dessert: a large kitchen at my disposal and no guidelines. I was free to experiment with anything and everything!

Our home became a veritable family “guest house.” I became my mother’s assistant with pleasure!

At age 18/20, I went to study languages abroad and took advantage of these travels to study the cuisines of other cultures. Back home, I tried them out at these family celebrations and they were a hit!

In London, I discovered Asian and Indian cuisines and the influence of certain spices. I became fascinated with spices.

Finally returning to France, I created 8 years ago (along with my husband – the designer), a brand of fine culinary products.

My passion is combining my love for international cultural exchange, and the seemingly simple yet profound experience of creating and sharing the gift of FOOD.

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