• Wyoming – Yellowstone and Grand Teton

    If you dream of the famous wide-open spaces of the American West and a place where you—along with the deer and the buffalo—can truly roam, your next trip should be to Wyoming. The United States’ least populous state stretches over an area roughly the size of Egypt. Here the landscape can feel larger than life and picturesque vistas are merely the starting points for adventures, from wildlife tours to rafting trips.

    Your base in Wyoming will be Jackson, first settled in the 19th century by fur trappers. The majestic beauty of its setting—on a flat plan with the Teton Mountains rising up behind it—is combined with an attitude that embodies the cowboy spirit of the state. Jackson is also the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the world. Extending over 3,400 square miles, it’s a vast wilderness dotted with geysers and home to grizzly bears while its skies are filled with soaring eagles.

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  • Pacific Northwest

    Oregon and Washington stand on the edge of the Pacific Ocean—Washington’s San Juan Islands are a highlight of many travelers who visit Seattle while the rugged coast of Oregon is stunning beautiful, with its dramatic cliffs, off-shore rock formations, and lush forests on the ocean’s edge. Turn your gaze east and you’ll find the stunning Cascades and ancient volcanoes.

    The states have other surprises, like one of the world’s leading wine regions, the Willamette Valley outside Portland, where pinot noir pairs nicely with the views of the surrounding mountains. They are also home to two of America’s most vibrant cities, Seattle and Portland. The residents of both embraced farm-to-table cuisine, microbreweries, and artisanal products long before the rest of the country.

    Our itinerary introduces you to the best of the area in nine days, but don’t be surprised if you leave wanting more.

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  • New England

    The six states that make up New England occupy a small corner of the United States, but loom large in the American imagination. Autumn is peak season here, with the famous display of fall colors.

    A visitor to Boston can walk in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers. In Vermont and New Hampshire, the picturesque New England town with its clapboard houses, village green and covered bridges still exists. On the rugged coast of Maine, you can hike remote trails overlooking the choppy Atlantic and then spend the night at an impossibly charming inn.

    In this small region, you’ll travel to mountains and beaches and will visit simple villages and vast mansions from the Gilded Age.

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  • Mid-Atlantic

    Our Mid-Atlantic itinerary includes the country’s current political capital, Washington, D.C., and two of its past ones: Philadelphia and Annapolis. It also includes its economic capital, New York City.

    In less than two weeks, you’ll experience many different facets of America. In Pennsylvania’s Amish country, residents hold fast to their simple form of life eschewing modern technology while in New York you’ll wander in the shadows of the soaring skyscrapers of the Financial District and Midtown. In Philadelphia you can visit Independence Hall, and then in Washington, D.C. you’ll see the halls of power of the nation today.

    Throughout your trip, we will take care of every detail from guides who will bring the history of American Revolution to life to getting you coveted theater tickets and restaurant reservations.

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  • Florida

    The Sunshine State will deliver on the promise of its name—it’s been the favourite destination of Americans looking to warm up for a century. But there’s much more to the state than its beaches.

    Miami is one of the country’s most cosmopolitan cities, a unique mix of American, Caribbean, Latin American cultures and home of a vibrant arts scene as well. In Key West, you’ll find a town with its own unique style that has attracted eccentrics as well as artists and writers—most notably Ernest Hemingway. Finally, we’ve left some time for America’s most popular attractions, the parks in Orlando.

    From the best tables in Miami to VIP passes at the Disney and Universal World parks, we’ll make sure you get the most out of every minute on this 11-day itinerary.

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  • Canyon Country

    The dramatic landscapes and the rich cultures of the various Indian nations that have long lived in the American Southwest are legendary. Multicolored rock outcroppings and soaring natural arches; one of the geologic wonders of the world—the Grand Canyon; and some of the most luxurious and elegant resorts in the United States can all be found here.

    It’s not surprising that this part of the world is incredibly popular with travelers, both Americans and visitors from overseas, but we will help you commune with nature without ever having to share it with a crowd.

    We’ll also help you navigate the huge distances and extreme temperatures of the Southwest so you’ll be able to concentrate on the beauty of Arizona and Utah and never have to worry about how to reach your next stop.

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  • California

    The Golden State beckons – from Southern California, home of Hollywood glamour, Beverly Hills mansions, and miles of beaches, to the charming City on the Bay, San Francisco. Once you visit and experience the sunny days and mild climate, you’ll understand why they write so many songs about the state.

    Our itinerary covers the best of California—redwood forests and Spanish missions; Highway One with its scenic views over the Pacific; and the sophisticated life of its big cities. The state is also home to some of the world’s most famous wine regions, and you’ll get to sample the best wines from Santa Barbara in the south to Napa in the north.

    Along the way, we’ll make sure you stay at the top hotels and that there’s a table waitingfor you at the best of its critically acclaimed restaurants.

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  • SouthEast

    Our itinerary to the southern United States focuses on its three most beloved cities, each providing a different perspective on the culture and people of the region. You’ll begin in Charleston, where you’ll experience legendary Low Country hospitality and cuisine, which combines traditional Southern dishes with the bounty of the coastal estuaries. Next you’ll spend two nights in Savannah, famous for its innovative urban design from 1733 with many green squares with trees draped in Spanish moss.

    Afterwards you’ll continue to New Orleans, a city unlike any other in America, with its French past and Creole culture. This is one of the music capitals of the country, and we have included an evening of jazz at Preservation Hall.

    From beignets to plantation tours, we’ll make sure you taste and see the best of the American South.

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  • Night at the Museum

    Night at the Museum is an exclusive experience offered to Globe Bleu’s clients. Set in the American Museum of Natural History, and inspired by the popular movie starring Ben Stiller, this exciting adventure for private parties will make history come alive. When the lights dim, your  group will be given flashlights and your journey through […]

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  • A Day on Martha’s Vineyard

    Martha’s Vineyard is an island off of Cape Cod, accessible only by boat or air. Although less than 90 square miles, it is an inspiring place, rich in history, creative in spirit and beautiful in every season. Formerly a whaling center during the 19th century, the discovery of oil in Pennsylvania undermined the industry. However, […]

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